May 20, 2016

Sanitary bins comparison and information

Sanitary Bins Comparison

Want to know how Hygiene+ sanitary bins compare against regular sanitary bins? See the following sanitary bins comparison

The sanitary bin that is so simple to use

The Hygiene+ Sanitary Bin is very easy to set-up – simply follow the instructions on the front panel and almost anyone can install it in under a minute!

So Eco-Friendly!

Made from around 96% paper, the Hygiene+ Sanitary Bin is 100% waterproof, can last for up-to 3 months, and is bio-degradable

The perfect alternative to standard sanitary bins

As you can see from our diagram below – there are a number of features within the Hygiene+ that make it a perfect alternative to regular sanitary waste bins.

Hygiene+ Sanitary Bin

Hygiene+ Sanitary Bin

Hygiene+ Sanitary Bins

│Traditional Sanitary Bins (on Contract)

 Up-to 7kg waste capacity – Yes │Up-to 7kg waste capacity – Yes
Small initial outlay – 10 bins cost £66.00, meaning each bin costs £6.60 │Charges are per bin and per cubicle – costs usually between £15 & £25 per collection
No contracts simply order when required │Often tied into lengthy contracts often 12 month or more which are difficult to cancel
Dispose and replace when necessary using regular waste disposal │Very little control over when the bins are emptied due to pre-defined collection schedule
More Eco Friendly with 96% paper construction │Non-biodegradable plastic bins and bags are used which also cause CO2 emissions
Easily and quickly replaced by in-house staff such as cleaners │Very little control over when the sanitary bins bins are emptied
More cost effective for small companies or those with few female workers │Non staff members entering working area
Bins have no shelf life or expiry date and therefore can be left in the cubicles for as long as needed (up to 3 months) │Empty bins are still charged for emptying and replacement

Using Hygiene+ Sanitary Bins in a small business with under 10 female workers and 3 cubicles

 Hygiene+ Sanitary Bins

│Traditional Sanitary Bins (on Contract)

Hygiene+ Sanitary Bin │ Traditional sanitary bin contract
Initial Outlay – Box of 10 bins – £60.00 │Initial Outlay – 12 Month contract – £200 average
Replaced each month, 3 bins would be £18.00 │Replaced each month, 3 bins would be between £45 – £75

More information

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