June 2, 2016


The Hygiene+ is a disposable, eco friendly, alternative to traditional plastic sanitary waste bins.

Plastic bins in your institution will often require a costly waste supplier contract – but not with the Hygiene+ once full simply have your cleaning staff permanently seal and place into your normal waste disposal unit.

For more information on how your business or premises can benefit from the Hygiene+ please see our information page.

Everyone can order the Hygiene+, small companies, GP surgeries, schools and shops are just a few of the organisations that can really benefit from the low cost purchase price.

And due to the design of the bin, no staff or users ever come into contact with the materials inside the bin during use or disposal. The Hygiene+ comes with a temporary seal, which when not in use can be used to prevent the bin being left open, this may be helpful if the facilities are shared between males and female members of staff.

In a word, no – there is a lot of confusion regarding sanitary waste.The Health & Safety Executive classes it as; Offensive/hygiene wastes are the product of a population which is not known to be infectious. The waste can also be offensive in appearance and smell. When handled, there is a residual health risk, which should be assessed, and appropriate precautions should be implemented. However, provided the waste is appropriately wrapped, properly handled and free from excess liquid, the risk of ill health is considered to be low. Offensive/hygiene waste includes:
• human waste (faeces);
• incontinence pads;
• catheter and stoma bags;
• nappies;
• sanitary waste;
• plasters (minor first aid or self care)

Municipal waste from domestic first aid and self care – that does not involve the need for a healthcare practitioner – is assumed to be non-infectious unless a healthcare practitioner indicates otherwise. This includes nappies and sanitary products.

In the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 paragraphs 20 and 21; it says that every company has “Suitable and sufficient sanitary conveniences shall be provided at readily accessible places”.

This means companies should always have something in place for any female staff members or visitors. The Hygiene+ bin has a built in modesty panel allowing waste to be placed in the bin discreetly – as opposed to a pedal bin which may bring the contents into view causing embarrassment or upset.

Our special waterproof coating on all of our bins prevents any leakage, coupled with our Bio-matt™ means that our bins are leak proof. Giving you peace of mind for you & your organisation

Of course! offensive/hygiene waste less than 7KG can be put into your municipal waste stream like your black bins, or outdoor general waste containers.
To put it in perspective, 7KG of sanitary waste per collection would only come from a site with 150+ women.

In facilities where you might only have a few ladies, they can be left for months at a time without issue. As often happens in small companies, some months you are paying for a totally empty bin to be collected.

The Hygiene+ bins have no shelf life, they can be replaced as and when needed. If you are unsure if the Hygiene+ is for you, why not try a single bin and see how it can fit into your work environment.

With the Hygiene+, you do not need a specific waste transfer note for your sanitary waste bins. The completion of a waste transfer note is completed once a year with your waste management company; you should however let them know that you have a small amount of hygiene waste in your collections but that this is less than 7KG per collection.

Businesses do not need to segregate waste under 7KG – it is still classed as; 20 03 01 Black bin waste.

For amounts 7KG+ for larger establishments – waste is reclassified as; 20 01 99 Offensive waste

Not to worry, the Hygiene+ is water proof & leak proof – this means you don’t have to worry about any fluid getting in or out. We also supply stainless steel floor stands which elevate the bin slightly and protect from movement on the floor.