September 7, 2016

Sanitary Bins – About Sanitary Bins

HYGIENE+ is based in Sheffield, UK, and produce & supply an innovation in Sanitary bins

hygieneplusbathroomOur bins are eco-friendly, leak-proof, and much more cost-effective that traditional plastic bins. Easy to dispose of and available as and when you need them there is now no need for expensive disposal contracts meaning your bins may be replaced whether they have been used or not

However, understanding of exactly what a sanitary bin is, why they are needed, and the legislation covering sanitary bins in the UK is often not as well understood as it could be

This page will hopefully clear up any misconceptions and increase understanding of exactly why sanitary bins are so important both from a legal point-of-view and also from an interpersonal perspective between businesses, their staff, and their customers

What are Sanitary Bins?

Sanitary bins. otherwise known as feminine hygiene bin, are a type of bin provided, usually within the toilet facilities, that allow the easy and hygienic disposal of feminine hygiene products.

Where do we need Sanitary Bins?

Sanitary Bins are most commonly placed in female wash facilities, female toilet cubicles, unisex toilet facilities, and baby change facilities within shops, businesses, warehouses, public areas, commercial premises, and other organisations

Who uses Sanitary Bins?

Sanitary Bins are most commonly used by women within their toilet facilities, however, they should also be available within unisex toilets and within baby change facilities

Why do we need Sanitary Bins?

There are many reasons we need sanitary bins. Many of the feminine hygiene products used are not suitable to be flushed down a toilet and cannot be disposed of within a traditional waste bin due to health reasons. There are also legal obligations relating to the provision of this type of bin (see our Legal Obligations page for more information)

Provision of these bins is also something that can make using wash-room and toilet facilities a much more pleasant experience for female employees, female visitors, and female customers

When are Sanitary Bins required?

Sanitary Bins should be available all the time that toilet and washroom facilities are being used by females within commercial premises

How are Sanitary Bins used?

Sanitary Bins are placed within the toilet and washroom areas used by women and baby change. They are, in principle, a box that can hygienically store feminine waste products and other waste that is not suitable for flushing down a toilet or disposal in other traditional ways.

There are several options in terms of providing Sanitary Bins including:

  • Using the services of large companies who provide solid plastic bins and then charge on a contract to come into your premises and dispose of the contents
  • Using HYGIENE+ Bio-Bin meaning you buy the bins as required and use them as and when you need them. They can be disposed of easily yourself and this options does not require any contract.

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