Introducing the Hygiene+ Sanitary Bin – an innovation in sanitary waste disposal.

Eco-friendly, no contract, leak-proof and much more cost-effective than standard plastic sanitary bins


We believe the Hygiene+ Sanitary Bin is a much better option for many businesses,
shops, offices, hospitals, surgeries, etc than the standard plastic sanitary bins… and this is why:
Saving you money

With no costly waste collection fees and certainly no contracts to tie you down, you can simply order the Hygiene+ Sanitary Bins as and when you need them

More convenient for you, no commitment, and saving you money!

Easy to dispose of

Unlike the other traditional plastic sanitary bins, when you’re ready to dispose of your Hygiene+ Sanitary Bin, simply use the tape seal to close it and put the bin out with your regular rubbish.

Definitely no expensive collection and disposal fees!


The Hygiene+ Sanitary Bin is made from 96% recycled paper, so, by changing your bin, you’ll not only save money, you’ll also be helping the environment!

Yep, you’ll be saving money AND helping the environment at the same time!

Great for businesses

All businesses can save money but Smaller companies may only have one or two female staff members so with the efficiency of the Hygiene+ Sanitary Bin, you can still make sure you’re complying with legislation whilst also providing high levels of hygiene

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About the hygiene+ Sanitary Bin

What sets the Hygiene+ apart from other sanitary waste bins?
Our belief in providing
eco-friendly products has lead to the creation of the Hygiene+ Sanitary Bin - an amazing alternative to traditional plastic sanitary bins

New from Econix, the Hygiene+ is a revolution in sanitary waste containers.
Paying annual charges for regular collections when you don’t need them?
Try the Hygiene+ – the very latest in feminine hygiene containers from the Bio-bin® people.

The Hygiene+ is a new feminine hygiene container, fold flat and easy to use. Don’t pay for a collection service you don’t need when a simple sanitary waste container will suffice.

Like the rest of the range of Bio-bin® products, the Hygiene+ feminine hygiene container come fold-flat in handy boxes of 10 and is very space efficient to store and easy to assemble.
The 96% paper construction makes the Hygiene+® an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic waste containers.

Each bin has been developed with a Bio-matt™ in the bottom which has been specifically designed to soak up any excess liquid from the waste in the base of the bin and turn it into a gel, whilst the waterproof coating prevents any leakage.

Our belief in providing eco-friendly products has lead to the creation of the Hygiene+ the new way of dealing with Feminine Hygiene waste.

  • No waste contract needed
  • Waterproof & Leak proof
  • Easy to assemble
  • Supplied in packs of 10
  • Comes with Bio-matt to absorb liquids
  • Fold flat for ease of storage
  • Temporary & Permanent seals
  • Built-in modesty panel for peace of mind


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